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How Long Does It Take to Order and Receive Office Furniture?

Every customer wants to know how much time it takes to install office furniture after ordering it. Office furniture is the nerve for every employee. Without comfortable office furniture, the employees might not give high-quality work.

While some office furniture takes a lot of time, some others are installed in less time. Different factors contribute to the installation of office furniture. In this blog, we will discuss how much time is taken to install office furniture.

Meaning of Lead Time

It is important to know the meaning of Lead Time while purchasing office furniture. The term “lead time” means the total time taken from beginning to end during the installation of furniture.

Normally, the lead time is between 4 and 6 weeks. There are many tasks in the process of making furniture. All the pieces are manufactured and assembled by craftsmen. Later, the experts do customize designs in office furniture as per the needs of customers.

How does the process of purchasing office furniture take place?


There are several steps in purchasing office furniture. They are as under:

 1. Selection of furniture

The first and foremost step in purchasing office furniture is to choose the product. This step can take several days or even a week in case of large projects. It is time taking task to select furniture that suits office space and your business needs.

2. Preparing a layout

The next step is to submit your floor plan to the CAD team. This team will make drawings of the floor plan and prepare a blueprint. The CAD team will take approximately 2 to 3 business days to prepare drawings of the full layout.

3. Pick finishes

After selecting furniture and choosing the layout, you have to choose finishes. There are many options of colours, designs, and styles in the case of office furniture. This process also takes several weeks.

4. Quotations

This is the fourth step after selecting finishes. You can ask for free quotations after selecting the final design of office furniture. Normally, you will get quotations within 1 or 2 days.

5. Sign of the customer

This is the 5th step in the process of installation of furniture. After receiving quotes, the customer will sign the quote stating that he is confirmed to go ahead with the procedure of ordering office furniture.

6. Processing of order

After signing the quotation, the company will process the customer’s order. This process takes about 2 days.

7. Manufacturing of furniture

Generally, the best office furniture manufacturer takes about 4 to 5 weeks for completing the entire process. However, it can go even up to 16 weeks in case of large projects which need to be customized.

8. Shipping of office furniture

The next step in the process is shipping office furniture. It takes about one week to ship the finished product to the registered address.

9. Final installation of the product

The final installation of office furniture takes about one week. It can also differ in other cases. This process also depends on the quality of communication between the customers and the company.

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