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Modular Office Furniture Manufacturer & Supplier in Navi Mumbai & Thane

We are BIFMA certified Modular office furniture Manufacturer and adhere to follow all the standards strictly in order to manufacture the best quality products. We focus on 100% satisfaction with all our clients and make sure that they never have any service related issues.If you are also in search of some trustworthy and efficient Modular office furniture Manufacturer, you can contact us immediately.
Modular Linear Workstation
Modular Linear Workstation
Modular Corner Workstation
Modular Corner Workstation
Pods & Booths
Pods & Booths
Modular Reception Desk
Modular Reception Desk
Modular Conference Table
Modular Conference Table
Modular Cabin Table
Modular Cabin Table
Modular Filing Cabinets
Modular Filing Cabinets
Modular Full Height Partition
Modular Full Height Partition
Modular Education Furniture
Modular Education Furniture
Office Chairs
Office Chairs

Why Choose Us

The are many Modular office furniture Manufacturer in Navi Mumbai & Thane but you need to be aware of selecting the one who is more reliable and trusted. The best Modular office furniture Manufacturer will be accountable to provide quality items at an affordable range. Some of the major reasons which make us the perfect choice are as below:

1. Best team

The people working in our company get full-fledged training before they join our manufacturing plant. Also, they have complete technical knowledge how to cater to each and client requirement.

3. Happy customers

All our customers are happy to choose us for manufacturing office furniture. They recommend our services to all the other people who are in search of these products. The reason is our excellence towards the work and full commitment. Customers are our first and foremost priority and keep working towards client’s complete satisfaction.

5. Premium quality raw material

The raw material used for Manufacturing Modular office furniture is very high in quality. The additives used are all of the good forms and the end results are liked by all customers.

2. Affordable rates

We do not believe in doing holes in your pocket. All the products come at completely affordable prices. Along with this, we make sure there is no compromise with the quality of items. You get much more at very fewer prices.

4. Proper R&D and testing

All our team, who involve for Manufacturing Modular office furniture make sure that proper research is being done before the products’ manufacturing starts. Also once the office furniture is manufactured; it is properly tested to make sure that there is no hindrance in the quality and what is being sent to the site, works perfectly well.

6. Always at top Google search results

As this is the digital world, we prefer to take Google’s advice before hiring anyone or getting any services. When you will type below keywords in Google search bar,

1. Modular office furniture manufacturer in Navi Mumbai
2. Modular office furniture supplier in Navi Mumbai
3. Modular office furniture manufacturer in Thane
4. Modular office furniture supplier in Thane

our company name will always be coming in the first three search results due to our excellent work and best client reviews.

If you are looking Modular office furniture Manufacturer in Navi Mumbai & Thane you can directly give us a call on our telephone number +91 9820 596 811 / 98200 42100. You can also send us your queries through mail on and we will get in touch with you at the earliest.

FAQ'S Maximum Time Query

1. What elements are included in Office Furniture?

Office furniture includes a wide range of things. The major elements included in office furniture are chairs, desks, tables, workstations, file cabinets, conference furniture, guest chairs, and others. These elements are important office accessories and play a very important role.

2. Where can I get affordable office furniture?

Different office accessories have different rates. The price of office furniture differs according to material type, size, and quality. If you want the most affordable office furniture, check our official site. Our company Ezeefit being the best Modular office furniture manufacturer in Navi Mumbai & Thane offers cost-effective office furniture for offices in a wide variety of sizes.

3. Who is the best Office Furniture Manufacturer in Mumbai?

We at Ezeefit have been making world-class office furniture for different clients. If you are finding reputable and best Modular office furniture suppliers in Navi Mumbai & Thane, contact us. We provide premium quality office furniture with different designs and colors at affordable prices.

4. What is the latest trend in office furniture?

The latest trend in office furniture is modular office furniture. These days, many offices invest money in ergonomic furniture. Ergonomic chairs and tables are good for the health of every employee. Apart from that, the ergonomic chairs also reduce the pain of the back, waist, neck, and full body.

5. Is office furniture important for my office?

Yes, you must buy office furniture for your office. It makes your office more beautiful. Besides, it also increases work comfort and productivity of all the employees. Moreover, good office furniture boosts the mental focus of employees by providing them required relaxation.

6. Where can I get luxury office furniture?

We at Ezeefit sell high-quality office furniture for different offices. Our wide range of office furniture includes chairs and tables for every size of office. We look at your needs and budget and suggest the best furniture.

7. How much does new office furniture cost?

The cost of office furniture differs as per the size and quality. Besides, the cost also differs according to the manufacturer and warranty of the office furniture. We offer office furniture according to your requirements and budget.

8. Where can I get brochures or catalogs of the products that Ezeefit sells?

We sell a variety of office furniture for different offices. You can get the catalogs and brochures of our office furniture on our official website. You can also call us on our toll-free numbers and we will share different details with you.

9. Does Ezeefit provide free fabric samples?

Yes, we provide free fabric samples to clients. You can call us and ask for samples anytime.

10. Where is Ezeefit located?

We have our registered office in Mumbai in the ABC area.

11. Do I need to make an appointment to visit the Studio?

Booking an early appointment will give you a huge benefit. You can see a variety of office furniture in our studio. So, book your slot at the earliest.

12. Why buy from Ezeefit?

At Ezeefit, we are working as a Modular office furniture supplier in Navi Mumbai & Thane for many years and have been providing rich quality office furniture to all our clients. We always follow a customer-oriented approach. We also provide a long-term warranty on our items along with free shipping benefits.

13. Who do I contact for customer service?

You can contact us through our phone numbers +91 9820 042 100, +91 9820 596 811, +91 8452 012 818 or send us an email with your queries and quotations.

14. How do I place an order with Ezeefit?

The process to place an order on Ezeefit is very easy. You can order furniture online or call on our toll-free numbers during business hours to place an order.

15. How do I check the status of my order or track my order?

It is easy to check the order status on our tracking system. Apart from that, you can also send us an email or call us during business hours to know about your order.

16. What types of payments are accepted?

We accept payment through various modes such as credit cards, debit cards, or e-wallet. We do not accept cash payments.

17. Are there volume discounts available?

Yes, we offer volume discounts on bulk orders. You can call our customer care number to know about various offers and discounts.

18. What is your warranty policy?

We offer a warranty on every product. If the product is damaged within the warranty period, We will provide best possible solution to all as soon as possible.

19. Do you have a office?

Yes, we have a office in this location A-611, Crystal Plaza Premises, New Link Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400053. India.

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