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Ezeefit firmly believes in Nature, therefore, they have taken an idea to Go Green with the use of Particle board in creating masterpieces.

Particle board is eco-friendly; it utilizes the wastes like roots & branches, small plantations, sugarcane etc. which are available in every six months. In other case, plywood is to be manufactured from grown up trees and it needs at least 20 years to mature. Hence, raw material supply for particle board is faster. Particle board helps to save the nature, as the trees are not felled.

Particle board has an advantage over plywood as Particle board comes chemically pre-treated for anti-termite and anti-borer, which helps avoiding white-ants and borers. Particle board is altogether different from MDF board, as MDF board is made up of fine crushed powdered particle compressed together. Whereas, Particle board consists of chips similar to chips of wood giving more strength for grip to Screwing work. It does have Hold capacity for Screws similar to plywood which not the case with mdf.

Other important features of Particle board over Plywood are:
  Particle boards are termite resistant, since these do not have air cavities for termites to lay eggs. In Particle board,
   the veneer does not peel unlike plywood.
  Particle board is affordable, denser and more uniform than conventional wood and plywood.
  Particle board is available in size up to 12’x 9’ where as the maximum size of ply is about 8’ x 4’.
  Particle board can have better sound insulation properties when random half perforated holes are created in it.

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Ezeefit offer various advantages in order to enable new customers pursue their ambitions of their business. We extend a helping hand to them by providing the following features:
 Buy now Pay Later
Pay Down payment of four EMI’s as Advance and balance pay in easy monthly instalments through our Finance Facilitator with whom we are tied-up with. This facility can be availed by the customer, once the entire design and costing procedure is finalised. Our Finance team will guide the customer on the same.
 Free Design Consultation
Ezeefit Office Furniture offer Un-Limited options of Layout Plans for your office totally free of cost.
 Annual Maintenance Contract
Ezeefit Office Furniture offers AMC to take care of office furniture.
 Free Service
Ezeefit office furniture offers Free Service for One Year.
 Dismantling & Reinstallation
Ezeefit offer this facility though-out life time to get the existing office furniture dismantled and reinstalled at your future location at a nominal cost thereby saving a huge amount in getting the entire office furniture re-done.