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Creating Timeless Designs
Creating Timeless Designs is the principle that is being followed in Ezeefit since its inception. Ezeefit initiates designs with innovations and artistic approach with immense detailing in each and every step. The modular office workstations are created by aesthetic elements that are compact, precise and easy to fit; thus these are engineered to perfection and excellence. Each piece of furniture tends to serve individual versatility and creativity. Ezeefit manufactures every component with precise dimension and that are interchangeable. This allows faster assembly and on time or reassembly in different configurations; thus it is capable to fulfill the needs of the present and the future requirements.

Ezeefit offers spectrum of products comprising storage furniture cabinets; executive, conference & reception office furniture; filing systems and chairs under Highline and Comfortline.
In this range, finest qualities of state of art office furniture are manufactured using following quality materials:

  • SF Lamnate finished.
  • ABS Plastic Keyboard Tray
  • ABS Plastic CPU Trolley
  • ABS Plastic Wire Manager
  • Partition Trims of MS Powder Coated finish.
  • Front Screen consisting Fabric Softboards
  • Highline
  • High Gloss Laminate finished.
  • Metal Keyboard Tray
  • Metal CPU Trolley
  • Metal Wire Manager
  • Partition Trims of Aluminum Anodized finish.
  • Front Screen consisting Magnetic & Marker Boards
  • On comparative analysis with other vendors in the markets,
    Ezeefit offers modular concept or technique as per clients’ specifications and requirements.

    It offers free consultation regarding pre-finalization of selecting premises and providing different type of layouts for the office at absolute no cost.
    It also helps the clients in customizing their requirements.

    Ezeefit offers value for money; it is totally manufactured in Mumbai, therefore import costs of raw material get diminished.

    Convenient Configuration
    Ezeefit offers wide array of floor plans to fit every requirement. It comes up with various designs viz. zigzag, carrel or cluster of four table & seating etc. from the customized ready to fit modular systems made out of state–of–the-art technology.

    Variety of Customization possible
    Ezeefit believes in “Customer is King” concept. Thus it carves its insight according to customer’s requirement in following ways…
    Ezeefit Modular Partitioning system of 68mm thickness gets customized in different sizes, material finishes, glass panel positioning, etc…
    Ezeefit modular work stations, executive office furniture, storage furniture cabinets etc. get customized as per different depth of work tables, sizes, colours, material specification and different shapes.
    Ezeefit Modular Filing system gets customized with different depths, sizes, materials and colours.

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