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New VS Used: factors to consider while purchasing the office furniture

Do you think there is any major difference between the refurbished and the brand-new office furniture? The instant answer to this question can be that new furniture will come with a longer lifespan and maybe better quality. On the contrary, others might believe that refurbished furniture will cut a lot of costs. The reality is that there is not much difference in terms of appearance or quality but definitely price is a major factor along with the environmental impact.

Important points to look upon when choosing between used, refurbished, or new office furniture


  • Quality of the items

When selecting between the refurbished or new items, make sure you are choosing quality office furniture. This is true that used or refurbished items might cut your cost but that should not have any compromise with the product quality as in long run, this saving will not be worthwhile.

  • Style and look

The attractive office furniture has the power to boost employee work productivity. In the case of refurbished items, you might get the chance to choose from vintage or traditional style furniture which is not always the case with new furniture. You can get the items customized with more casual or funky looks as per your preferences with the used or refurbished furniture. So, you need to choose wisely so as to what environment you wish to create at your workplace.

  • Type of furniture

It is very important to have a complete list of all your needs and wants. Make sure you keep your needs list as the priority and do your purchase accordingly. If you need technologically advanced furniture, you can’t go for old or used ones which might not be updated with the market requirements. If in case, it is pretty simple to work with less current items, you can always have the chance to choose refurbished items.

  • Budget

Budget is always an important and crucial factor to consider when we go to buy furniture. If you are having a completely new setup done and need items in bulk, you can think of buying refurbished items if in case you have a tight and restricted budget. But the new furniture will have its future cost-saving benefits. The new products come with added warranties along with more durability and resistance. This decision is quite selective and completely depends on company to company.


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